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Electric Control Valve Actuator

Series SACRV actuator is widely used in auto-control system
to regulate the opening rate of electronic valves. Along with
SRV valve body, the actuator is able to control the system’s
temperature, pressure and flow through receiving different
kinds of signals.

- Electronic presetting facilitates on-site commissioning
--With valve position indicator
- Manual operation facilitates on-site trouble-shooting
- Automatic fault detection and alarm functions
- Precise positioning achieved by self-calibration function
(automatically run when first starts up)

Operating Principles:
Intelligent Proportional Control Actuator:
Intelligent proportional control actuator can realize linear flow
control. Through inputting 0(2)-10VDC or 0(4)-20mA control
signal, automatic control of the valve and consequently of
the fluid is allowed. Intelligent proportional control actuator
automatically runs self-calibration function without manual
adjustment when first starts up. Meanwhile, its operation
indicating light (RUN) begins to blink at 1 Hz. The actuator’s
shaft moves outwards to its lower limit position and then
retracts to its upper position (at this moment the actuator is
not in the control of any control signal). After around 150s, the
indicating light stops blinking, and the whole self-calibration
process is completed. At this point, the actuator starts to be
controlled by control signals. Additionally, if self-calibration is
needed in the running of the actuator, press the red button
on the actuator’s circuit board for more than 3s, and then the
actuator will begin self-calibrating. This is namely manual self calibrationfunction, the process of which is the same as that ofthe automatic self-calibration.

Floating Point Control Actuator:
Through the wiring modes of three-point control or on/off
control, the floating point control enables the actuator to
realize the states of on, off or pause.