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Electric Control Ball valve Actuator

Series SACRB ball valve actuator adopts bilateral control along
with Series SRB Electric Control Ball Valve and series SDV Dynamic Balancing , the actuator
can regulate the flow rate of cold or hot water. It is widely used
in air conditioning, heating, water treatment and industrial
processing systems to control the fluids.
AC two-way synchronous motor
Built-in switch has power-off function when in place,achieving longer service life
Built-in switch allows limited adjustment
Manual lever provides flexible switch operation
Proportional control actuator can provide DC0-10V feedback Signal
The control signals of proportional, floating-point and on/off are optional

Operating Principles:
Used along with Series SRB Electric Control Ball Valve or Series SDV Electric Control Valve , through receiving BA system regulation signal (0-10V or 4-20mA) or a floating point signal to actuate valve to change flow area of the valve core and seat, control flow area of valve and achieve automatically adjustment.