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Proportional Inter Control Actuator

Series SACDV valve actuator adopts bilateral control along
with Series SDV(DN15-DN32) Electric Control Valve, the actuator
can regulate the flow rate of cold or hot water. It is widely used
in air conditioning, heating, water treatment and industrial
processing systems to control the fluids.
-Low voltage AC bilateral keep pace with electrical machine
-magnetic clutches
-Action utilize the group of plastic gears to transfer
-Flame retardant ABS engineering plastic cover
-Overtime protect function and troubleshoot protect function of control signal install actuator after valve installation,on-site fabrication facilities, its connection flexible and convenient
-Graphic design of actuator can be closed to the wall, take up little space occupation

Operating Principles:
Used along with Series SRB Electric Control Ball Valve or Series SDV Electric Control Valve , through receiving BA system regulation signal (0-10V or 4-20mA) or a floating point signal to actuate valve to change flow area of the valve core and seat, control flow area of valve and achieve automatically adjustment.
Actuator with magnetic clutch is drove by bilateral electric machine. When the electric machine pause ,it can be produced stable torsion after magnetic effect. Hence electric machine can stable pause any point without electricity. Actuator produced incremental signal to make electric machine run clockwise or anti-clockwise.