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Electrothermic Actuator

The series SEA Electrothermic Actuator is designed for regulating on/off of the pipeline in HVAC. It applied in long distance cooling (heating) system, which suitable for the heating of residential, shopping mall, hotel and the temperature control of the central air conditioning,measure by room.
Internal without gear machinery and electric machinery,it not easy to wear, simple structure, long service life, stable and no-noise.
Adopts threaded connection, installation simple and rapid, easy and quick disassemble.
Provide various functions and style selection of the normally on/off valve
Operating l principles:
Its suitable for series Owentrop Electrothermic Actuatuor. when indoor temperature reached to set valve of temperature controller, thermistor of normally open type Electric Actuator starts to work, heating thermal expansion device to close the valve. Instead of, temperature of indoor gets low, pause the thermostatic, cooling actuator, expansion device shrunk and supporting valve open. Normally closed type Electrothermic Actuator instead of it.
Technical specification:
Working Pressure: 220VAC/24V
On/off Time: < 4.5min
Push force: 90-125N
Power: 2.5W/3W
Maximum current: 150mA/250mA
Installation nut: M30x1.5