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Dynamic Flow Balancing Valve


The series SFV Dynamic Flow Balancing valve is solved by the out of balance in hydraulic systems about pipe network for fluid supply. When the system pressure is within the scope of work pressure difference fluctuation, it can balance the change dynamically and maintain constant flow in pipe.
operating principle 

1.Dynamic Balancing: constant flow is achieved through the valve cartridge’s auto-adjustment of the opening rate when ΔP of the system fluctuates
2.Precision calibrated valve plug keeps the flow deviation no greater than ±5%
3.The flow rate is factory preset multiple ΔP ranges available for each size
4.No on-site commissioning is needed, saving time and labor costs
5.No need of re-balancing after system changes
Technical Specification:
Dimensions: DN50-DN500
Working Temperature: 0~110℃
Working Pressure: PN16/PN25
Fluid Medium: Water / Ethylene Glycol
Connection: Flange Connection
Connection Standard: EN1092