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Differential Pressure Balancing Valve

The Series SDP Differential Pressure Balancing Valve is designed to keep constant differential pressure across the supply pipes and return pipes, control valve or terminal unit in air-conditioning or heating system. It avoids hydraulic disturbances resulting from variations in system differential pressure.
Insllation and Application

1.Self-acting differential pressure control, no external power
2.On-site setting of differential pressure
3.Wide controllable range of differential pressure
4.Hand Wheel equipped with differential pressure indicator
5.Able to be shut off by hand Wheel
6.Self-sealing measuring points to protect against leakage
7.Equipped with measuring points and air vent
8.Equipped with three-way measuring connector
Technical Specification
Dimensions: DN40-DN250
Working Temperature: -10~120℃
Working Pressure: PN16/PN25
Fluid Medium: Cold and Hot Water / Ethylene Glycol
Connection: Flange Connection
Connection Standard: EN1092
Control Deviation: ±8%
Working Pressure: ≤ 400KPa