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Static Balancing Valve(Variable Orifice)

Static Balancing Valve,Variable Orifice Double Regulating Valve(DN15-DN50)


The Series SSV Static Balancing Valve is designed for flow balancing in cooling, heating or process water systems. Its shut off feature can be instead the Globe valve. 

1. Variable orifice double regulating globe valve according to BS 7350 standard.
2. Body and Bonnet in Brass.
3. PN16 flanges according to EN 10226.
4. Non rising stem.
5. EPDM coated disk.
6. Provided with test points (G 1/4").
7. Handwheel with position indicator and preset screw.
8. Three functions: Measuring, Regulating andIsolating.
9. Max. working pressure 25 bar.
10. No maintenance.

Technical Specification:
Dimensions: DN15-DN50
Working Temperature: -10~120℃
Working Pressure: PN25
Fluid Medium: Cold and Hot Water / Ethylene
Connection: Threaded Connection
Connection Standard: EN10226 GB/T 7306.1-2000