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HVAC Control Valves

Electrical Two/Three-Way control valve(DN15-DN50)

The Series SRV Electric Two-way Control Valves are used with Series SACR actuators. They are extensively applied to HVAC water systems, boiler systems, heat exchange systems or AHU steam systems to regulate the flow rates of fluids in these systems.

- Equal percentage control characteristic achieves high control precision.
- Electronic presetting function facilitates on-site commissioning.
- Automatic fault detection and alarm functions.
- With V-shaped sealing ring and stainless steel spring compensation function, higher abrasion resistance and longer life

Operating Principles: 
The series SRV Electrical Two-Way Control valve applied in HVAC is important for hydronic balancing to transportation energy and maintain water recycle system.
After the valve’s actuator receives a control signal from the BA System, the actuator moves the valve stem to regulate the valve’s opening rate, and thus changes the system’s flow rate.

Technical Specification: 
Dimensions: DN15-DN50
Working Temperature: -25~150℃ (Water Valve)
2~180℃ (Steam Valve)
Working Pressure: PN16
Fluid Medium: Water / Ethylene Glycol / Propylene Glycol / Steam
Connection: Threaded Connection
Connection Standard: EN10226 GB/T 7306.1-2000
Flow Deviation: ±5%
Function: Two-way Control
Control Characteristic: Equal Percentage
Leak Rate: ≤ 0.02% Kvs

Valve Body: Stainless Steel
Valve Core: Stainless Steel
Valve Stem: Stainless Steel
Spring: Stainless Steel