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FCU Electrothermic Valve(DN20-DN32)

The Series SFO 
Electrothermic Valve is designed for FCU cooling or heating pipes. Through opening and closing the pipe, the valve can effectively regulate the room temperature. The series valve is adopted double Electrothermic to ensure safe and reliable.
Good waterproof and anti-dust function(IP65)
high pressure difference of valve and low leakage
Flexible opening to avoid water hammer effectively
The fluid road of valve is advanced advanced design, reduce the congestion phenomenon
Actuator opening and closing slowly, room temperature average change
Actuator has longer life without gear parts
Low carbon without running noisy
Actuator can suitable for all ball valve(DN15-DN32)
According to the eccentric construction of actuator, valve is installed stick to wall
Dismounting simple, it can reloaded after install equipment and pipeline to improve work efficiency
The temperature of the medium is not easy to transfer to the actuator
Operating principles:
Electrothermic valve is on-off control valve used in the heating or cooling water systems. The valve is divided into power on (normally closed type) and power off (normally open type) two types. For power on type, the valve are normally closed, when it need to work, the thermostat  provide a signal to the valve, electrothermic actuator slowly open, so that let chilled water or hot water into the fan coil unit, to provide cooling capacity or heat capacity for the room; when the room temperature reaches the thermostat set value, Electrothermic two-way valve received the signal and closes slowly, cutting water into the fan coil unit, reduce cooling capacity or heat capacity for the room. Power-off (normally open type), the working principle is opposite.
  The valve electriothermic actuator is different from the ordinary electric actuator, its inner without any gears and other mechanical original, no motor and other power devices, will not produce mechanical failure; it has the characteristics of slow opening and closing, making room temperature stable. Improving the body's comfort; and can effectively reduce noise and prevent water hammer phenomenon.

Technical specification:
Dimensions: DN20-DN32
Working Temperature: -10~120℃
Working Pressure: PN25
Fluid Medium: Water / Ethylene glycol
Connection: Threaded Connection
Connection Standard: EN10226 GB/T 7306.1-2000
IP Grade: IP44
Working Voltage: 220VAC 50/60Hz or 24VAC 50/60Hz
Power: 3W
Speed: 4r/min
Control Characteristic: On / off Control

Valve Body: Casting Brass
Valve Ball: stainless steel
Valve shaft: stainless steel
Sealing: EPDM
Actuator Shell: ABS