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Balancing Valves with variable orifice and double regulating

From:Owentrop Date:2019-04-11 14:34  Hits: 

1. Variable orifice cast iron double regulating globe valve according to BS 7350 standard.

2. Body and Bonnet in Ductil Iron.

3. PN16 flanges according to EN 1092.

4. Face To Face according to EN558-1 series 1.

5. Non rising stem.

6. EPDM coated disk.

7. Provided with test points (G 1/4").

8. Handwheel with position indicator and preset screw.

9. Three functions: Measuring, Regulating andIsolating.

10. Max. working pressure 16 bar.

11. No maintenance.

Working conditions:

Water: -10°C to +120°C

Below 0°C only for water with added antifreezing fluids.