Thermostat and Zone Valve

Touch Screen Thermostat

The series Owentrop SPS G thermostat includes Local control, wire control, wireless control. It can automatically adjust the indoor temperature and appliy the HVAC system, FCU of center air condition and so on. Micro arc surface design reveals the integration of soft and power characters.
Main function:
Applied for water heating, electric heating ,center air condition and so on.
Electric two-way control (on/off)
Lower temperature protection
Automatic constant temperature
The response of closing human body
7days 4 periods programme
FCU intelligent control
Fan coil three speed control
Pause power memory
Capacitive touch screen operating
ECO saving setting
Self-learning function
Operating principle:
Thermostat adopts advanced processor. Through the precise NTC temperature sensor real-time detect temperature, and then regulate wind and on/off of electric vale to get the goal of constant indoor temperature.
Technical specification:
Temperature-measuring Element: NTC
controlling temperature precision: ±1℃
Indication Range: 5~35℃
Environment Requirement
Temptress : 0~45℃
Humidity: 5`59%RH
Self-consumption Power: <2W
Supply voltage: AC85~250V,50/60Hz