Thermostat and Zone Valve

Wirless Thermostat

Wirless Thermostat
The series of Owentrop wireless thermostat consists of a maximum of four SPS W series thermostat and a owtp Heating controller.  Through the two-way wireless data among of thermostat and controller communicate, delivery, receive and execute the instruction and signal to regulate temperature. The wireless thermostat is designed for Water Heating system, which suit for controlling temperature of industrial, industrial, commercial and domestic bedroom and regulating of electrothermic thermostatic valve and so on equipment.
Major Function:
-Large LCD screen display
-Ultrathin design
-Mobile operating
-Simple to install
-Set time and week
-Period default programming
-Manual period programming
-Keyboard lock
-Error alarming function
-Low battery alarm indicator
-Warm white back light
-Indoor temperature indicator
-7days 4 periods programme/ 5+2 programming
-USB charge model
-lithium battery
Operating principle
Thermostat adopts advanced actuator, and Thermostat adopts advanced processor. Through the precise NTC temperature sensor real-time detect temperature, and then regulate wind and on/off of electric vale to get the goal of constant indoor temperature.
Technical specification
Power : 85~260VAC,50/60Hz
Working temperature: 0℃ ~50℃
Working humidity: 5~95%RH(Non-condensate)
Shell : PC
Wireless carrier frequency:433MHz
Wireless data transmission: 24kbps
Wireless channel:1-10 channel
Wireless communication distance: linear empty distances 100m
Output load current: <3AMP