Thermostat and Zone Valve

Dial thermostat

Application :
The series Owentrop SPS D is designed in FCU system of center air condition. It has independent on/off, three files manually wind speed conversion and automatically control electric valve and fan. Thermostat suits regulate fan and owns cold/warm switch. The dial thermostat trim appearance , highly sensitive and reliable.
Control FCU and electric(ball) valve, air valve and so on equipment
Control two or three-wire electric (ball) valve
On/off adopts click type, comfortable and long service life
Set temperature via button, conveniently and intuitively
Indirectly on the junction box of wall
Switch control
Fan regulation
Cold / Heating model
Indoor temperature setting
Operating principle:
Dial thermostat adopts inflatable box as temperature-measuring elements to check indoor temperature. Compared with user-set temperature automatic,it can automatic control action of Two-way control to realize constant temperature.
Technical specification:
elements: inflatable box
temperature range: 5-30℃
humidity range: 5-95% RH
electric parameter: 230VAC
error:< 1℃
shell: ABS
diameter: 80*80*37mm
IP Grade: IP30