Thermostat and Zone Valve

PI Controller(LCD mode)

It is applied to many systems such as controlling of temperature, humidity, pressure and frequency conversion fan. SPSPI controller is convenient for installation and carrying becaue of design of cover. Different appearance and material is selectable.



Controllable temperature range: –40~140 °C.
Controllable humidity range:0~100%RH
External sensor: NTC10K (TSW-1000T) / 0~10VDC type sensors
Control signal output: 
·3-postion control (control 3-postion type valve)
·proportional control (control proportional type valve)
1 modulating output for 0...10VDC or 0…20 mA actuators.
2 TRIAC controlled binary outputs 24VAC, option for floating output.
1 Input for 0…5VDC, 0…10VDC or 0…20 mA sensors.
Password protected programmable user and control parameters.